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August in the Garden, Glendoick's Ken Cox advises

The garden reaches a crescendo this month: fruit, vegetables, herbs, perennials, roses, bedding all should be in full flower.

Spring Bulbs are in by mid August. But don’t worry there is still plenty of time to get them in.

Plant the early flowering ones as early as possible: Crocus, snowdrops, bluebells etc. But the tulips and daffodils are best kept bagged in a cool dry place till later in the Autumn.

Weeds can be a problem at this time of year. The Roundup Touch Weeder is perfect for getting at weeds in your shrub borders: just paint on the weedkiller to the plants you want to kill and avoid the ones you want to keep. Excellent for Brambles for example.

Watch out for aphids/greenfly in dry weather: we have lots of ways of getting rid of them, both organic and non-organic.

Feed your tubs and containers at this time of year to keep them going all summer long.

You might need: liquid and granular fertiliser. Liquids are best for containers, and granular feeds for the garden: lawn, fruit and vegetables.


Plants for August



Summer flowering favourites from South Africa: great plants for Scotland:


The best coloured foliage... from dark red to caramel, peachy and green with marbled patterns. Tiny flowers on long spikes.


Sweetly scented late summer flowering in a range of colours: red, pink, purple and white.

Verbena rigida and V bonariensis   

Long flowering border plants which like gritty dry soil: they’ll seed around and flower from July to late Autumn.  Masses of tiny purple flowers on long stems.

Penstemon  Perennials Penstemon Apple Blossom (I think)

Late summer colour in reds and pinks, they go on flowering for months.... plant them in a sunny sheltered position.


Glendoick’s amazing range of hydrangeas are coming into flower right now. We have some beautiful large specimens for instant impact. Purple, pink, blue, white.... the choice is yours.





Hydrangea Hydrangea mass panorama (8)


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