Taylors Snacks Taylors Snacks

Deliciously different snacks that you won't find in the supermarket and crisps that are made about 5 minutes away from us!

COTTAGE DELIGHT - Cheese Palmieres, Mini Breadsticks and Dipping Crackers are some of the tempting snacks we stock from this comapny.

DEANS - hand-baked bites of delicious oaty nibbles, made with extra mature cheddar.

MACKIES - made just down the road from Glendoick, Mackies crisps are a real favourite with us! The Mackie’s Crisps story goes back many years… to when the Taylor family began farming in Perthshire in 1927. In 2009 Mackie’s Crisps were launched! They began with just three core flavours – Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Mature Cheddar & Onion – but soon added their Scottish speciality varieties to the range. They quickly became renowned for their unique Scottish flavours.

STAG BAKERIES - Their gourmet all-butter cheese straws are a combination of buttery pastry and some of the finest speciality cheeses in Scotland.  All hand-baked at their family-run bakery in Stornoway, one just won't be enough! Perfect for picnics, snacking or pre-dinner drinks, each one is light, flaky and delicious. Whether it be the Smoked Dunlop Straws, made with cheese smoked over whisky barrel shavings, the Strathdon Blue Straws made with an aromatic blue cheese from Tain or our creamy and indulgently smooth Dunlop Cheese Straws, whichever one you choose is sure to deliver on flavour and texture.

FOREST FEAST - Forest Feast are a team of explorers and innovators whose mission is to make utterly delicious snacks. Every single time. They go to all four corners of the world to find the best ingredients and handcraft these into the most irresistible treats for you to discover.

MANOMASA - Bringing colour, flavour and excitement of global street food to your home. These corn tortilla chips come with lots of spirit. Authentic tortilla chips that are gluten-free and use GMO free corn, suitable for vegetarians.

SLABS CRISPS - are the biggest and thickest crisps we have ever seen - perfect for dipping and scooping! SLABS CRISPS and CHUNKY CHIPS are 4 times bigger and thicker than standard crisps. Despite their thick gastro style size, fat and calorie content is less than almost all fried potato crisps. Made with olive oil and all-natural seasonings.
PRETZEL PETE - have carefully developed their product to deliver products that go beyond just great taste. Their emphasis is on locally sourced ingredients and allergen safe production. Their pretzels carry a robust taste even though they don’t “cheat” with artificial flavors or flavour enhancers like MSG - it's all about the process! The first step is to create a slurry mixture of the spices and non GMO canola oil. Once the slurry is ready, it is added into batch tumblers along with the pretzels and they are mixed together to allow the slurry to soak through the shell of the pretzel. This insures that each and every bite of a Pretzel Pete pretzel packs a lot of flavour.

Pretzel Pete
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