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Deciduous Azaleas

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  • Size 1.2m+ after 10-20 years.

  • Hardiness very tough: mostly H5-6.

  • The Mollis and Exbury hybrids are well-known, but the species are becoming more and more popular with their subtle, often scented flowers.

  • Many deciduous azaleas are late flowering so extend the season.

  • Most deciduous azaleas are very tough (H5-6) and wind/exposure tolerant.

  • They can be cut back to keep them in bounds.

  • Autumn colour in most varieties: red, orange, yellow shades as the leaves fall.

  • Plant them in full sun or part day shade. In southern England they will flower in more shade.

Azaleas, Ken Cox, Glendoick from Glendoick on Vimeo.

Deciduous Azalea Species

£14.96 each ex VAT

Varieties marked * are scented

AZALEA ALBRECHTII H4-5 Deep rose, early. One of the finest azalea species. Early growth, best with some shelter.

AZALEA ARBORESCENS * H5-6 Sweet heliotrope-scented white tubular fls with contrasting purplish red style, late. One of the best white scented species.

AZALEA CALENDULACEUM H6 Small vibrant orange fls. The famous 'flame azalea' of eastern U.S.A. A parent of many of the best hybrids.

AZALEA CANADENSE H6 Small frost resistant purple flowers in early May. The neatest and most compact deciduous azalea species. White and purple forms.

AZALEA LUTEUM (Azalea pontica) * H4-5 Sweetly-scented yellow. Excellent autumn colour. Easily grown and good for naturalising. The most popular azalea species. 'GOLDEN COMET' Selection from Rhododendron Species Foundation, USA

AZALEA MOLLE ssp. JAPONICUM (syn. A. Mollis)H5 1-2m.  Orange or salmon-pink flowers in May. Very hardy, easy and compact.

AZALEA OCCIDENTALE H4 * Large-flowered scented white, flushed pink, orange-yellow flare. Late. ‘CRESCENT CITY DOUBLE’ form with double flowers.

AZALEA QUINQUEFOLIUM H4 Low-Med EM Small white fls. Beautiful foliage. Choice. Very hard to propagate: usually a waiting list for this. 

AZALEA  SCHLIPPENBACHII H4-5 Beautiful pale pink, early. Autumn colour. Compact. Early growth needs protection. Often considered the finest azalea species.

AZALEA VASEYI H5-6 Lovely pink flowers in April-May. Splendid, usually scarlet autumn colour. Charming in every way. ‘WHITE FIND’ white

AZALEA VISCOSUM* H5 (swamp honeysuckle) Sweetly-scented small white flowers in June-July with a fine scent. 

Deciduous azalea Hybrids    

£14 each ex VAT

Grow to 1.2-1.6m, ultimately 2-2.5m+. Can be pruned. Hardiness H5-6.

There are several well known categories of deciduous azalea hybrids. 

GHENT/RUSTICA FLORE PLENO (GH) H6 hybrids mostly raised in the 19th century and have small, often double flowers. May-June. 

MOLLIS (MO) H6. Showy flowers in May. Slower growing than the other groups. Not scented. 

EXBURY or KNAPHILL (EX) H6 the largest flowered and brightest group of azalea hybrids. Flowering in late May and early June. Some are scented and some have good autumn colour. 

OCCIDENTALE (OC) H4 white to pale pink or pale yellow range, strongly or lightly scented. Most are June flowering. 

VISCOSUM (VIS) pink to white scented flowers. H4-5

Scented are marked *

AZALEA ARNESON'S GEM (MO) Spectacular large orange-yellow fls, Outstanding. Vigorous.

AZALEA BEN SERIES (EX) NEW Scottish Mountain Series. A new range of Glendoick double azalea hybrids in a range of colours: BEN CRUACHAN cream, pink edge, BEN LAWERS deep pink, BEN LOMOND pale pink, BEN VRACKIE salmon pink, orange centre. 

AZALEA CROSSWATER RED (EX) One of the reddest azaleas. Upright habit. Late.

AZALEA DELICATISSIMA (OC) * Cream, tinged pink, yellow flare, scented.

AZALEA EXQUISITA (OC) * Pale pink-apricot with orange centre, scented.

AZALEA FIREBALL (EX) $ Deep orange-red. Reddish leaves.Tall. Very free-flowering.

AZALEA GIBRALTAR (EX) Vivid orange. The most popular azalea, very free-flowering from a young age and fairly compact/slow-growing.


AZALEA IRENE KOSTER (OC) * Light pink scented flowers in May-June.

AZALEA JOCK BRYDON (OC) * Pink with a bold reddish blotch, scented. Vigorous and really striking.

AZALEA JUNE FIRE (EX) Fine red, very late. Compact and spreading, fine  colour.

AZALEA JUNIDUFT NEW (VIS)* Low-Med L Late flowering fragrant medium pink.

AZALEA KLONDYKE (EX)  Large orange-yellow flowers. Reddish bronze foliage. Compact.

AZALEA MIDSUMMER MERMAID. (VIS) Late pink, scented. Blue leaves.

AZALEA OCCIDENTALE X ARBORESCENS (OC) * Scented pale pink, late.

AZALEA PARKFEUER (EX) rich orange-red.

AZALEA PERSIL (EX) Fine large-flowered white with a yellow flare. The most popular white hybrid.

AZALEA ROSATA (VIS) * Lovely lightly scented deep pink. Bushy, and tough.

AZALEA SOIR de PARIS (VIS) * Pale pink with orange throat, lightly scented. Good habit and grey-green foliage.

AZALEA STRAWBERRY ICE (EX) The most popular pink. Bronzy young foliage.


How to Plant and Look After Deciduous azaleas

  • Azaleas need acidic or peaty soil. Most of the UK has acid soil. If there are rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias, Meconopsis in the neighbourhood the the soil is acidic.
  • Azaleas need moist but not wet soil. Dont plant them in clay, but instead used raised beds or plantings on top of the clay soil.
  • All azaleas can be cut back if they get too big. Best time to do this is immediately after flowering. You can also pinch or prune any long straggly shoots to encourage bushiness.

  • Most deciduous azaleas have good Autumn colour. R. luteum is often the best.

  • Plant them in full sun or part day shade. In southern England they will flower in more shade.

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