Delicious oils, dressings and sauces....

Our Oils, Dressings & Sauces

Sauces & Dressings from local producers:

Summer Harvest - Summer Harvest hail from Madderty, Perthshire, and make their products surrounded by the fields where their ingredients grow! Products include Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - Versatile, delicious and 100% Natural; Dressings sunch as Raspberry or Bramble & Juniper and Mayonnaise - classic or garlic.

Little Doone - produce a range of delightful dressings, starting with the Original and now in many different flavours. All are based on the deep, full flavours of the Original. They simply take a small batch of Original, and blend in pure zests, or fresh fruit, or maybe a hint of chilli, but there are no artificial or flavourings!

Baba's - Based in Dundee, Sunny Mollah, who manufactures this sauce with help from his mum says it goes with anything; burgers, chips, fish or salad. It is a sweet chilli sauce which has a layered kick on it - so you will get a sweet taste first then the chilli kicks in after that. It is more than 'just' another sauce, and is all handmade by Sunny and his mum.

Oils & Dressings 2022


Oils & Dressings 2022





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