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Bulbs from Taylors

Taylors are a thriving family business with daffodils grown for the UK and Irish market on their farm in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Planting Spring Bulbs In Autumn,

from August Onwards, Spring flowering bulbs come into stock. 

Colchicum (autumn crocus), Crocus, Snowdrops and aconites should be planted as early as possible as they start growing in Autumn and flower in winter.

Prepared Hyacinths should be planted by the end of September to get flowers around Christmas and New Year.

Tulips and Daffodils are best planted in October and even November. They can be kept in a cool dry place till you are ready to plant. Glendoick sell loose daffs and tulips so you can see and feel the quality. You can also mix as many varieties as you like in a bag.

banner Bulb combinations

Taylors bulbs - Classic Combinations of 2 or more bulbs in a pack.  

Amaryllis Gift Boxes for Christmas will be available in September.

Planting Summer Flowering Bulbs In Late Winter

Summer flowering bulbs arrive in store in February. Some of these are not hardy so don't plant them too early, and make sure they have a mulch on top of them if you are in a cold inland garden. Lillies are very tough and you dont need to worry too much about them.

  • Dahlias
  • Gladioli
  • Begonia
  • Crocosmia
  • Lillies


Seeds from Johnsons

Johnsons Stand

Grow your own veg or flowers & ornamental plants from seed with our huge variety.

Seeds are in stock year round but it is best to buy them in winter and spring. Full range arrives in-store in early December. You can keep seeds for several years in a dry airtight container. You can freeze them to keep them viable for longer.

 Johnsons Seed Pack


"Grow your Own" - Plug Vegetable plants

  • We dont stock plug vegetable plants before mid April as it is too cold to plant them out. Beans are the most tender and need to be protected until the end of May, even later inland and high up. 

Essentials you will also need

  • Seed trays, propagators, and general gardening accessories
  • Watering equipment, compost, plant feed & pest control.



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