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Glendoick welcome well-behaved dogs in most of the garden centre

Glendoick Dog Etiquette that was developed in conjunction with Dog Friendly Perthshire:

Dog Etiquette

1. Please take your dog for a walk before entering the Garden Centre. There is an area near the flyover that is regularly used by dog owners for this.

2. Keep your dog on a lead at all times and dont leave your dog unattended.

4. Dogs are allowed in most areas of the Garden Centre including a specific section of the indoor café. Due to the number of 'accidents' and breakages and crowding in 2022, the Glendoick Christmas displays are not dog-accessible in 2023. 

5. Please fully clean up after your dog if necessary, and always inform our staff of any accident.

6. Any damage caused by your dog must be paid for. This includes male dogs urinating on stock. 

7. Please be considerate to other customers – not everyone likes dogs.

8. If your dog is wet please dry it off before entering the Garden Centre.

9. You will find a dog bowl with water by the front doors. 

We have had a significant number of incidents where dog owners have run off after their dogs fouled stock and or the garden centre. Please dont be the person who forces Glendoick to restrict dogs to the centre. Be considerate. 


Festive Tasting Weekend 2023
Festive Tasting Weekend 2023

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Fish Van at Glendoick

Glendoick News

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