How to Grow and What to Plant by  Ken Cox

100 pages    more than 300 photographs. 

Have you been bitten by the gardening bug but don’t know where to start? Would you love to grow beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables but don’t know what tools you’d need or even how to sow a packet of seeds?

Gardening can seem overwhelming at times, but it needn’t be; this new book by leading nurseryman and gardening writer Ken Cox aims to take the mystery out of growing for anyone who is new to gardening.


  • What plants need
  • Climate, wind, drainage
  • Compost; what's in the bag
  • Garden design and using colour
  • Container Gardening
  • Winter Bedding Plants
  • Summer Bedding
  • Bulbs
  • Trees and Fruit Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Roses and Rhododendrons
  • Hedges
  • Conifers
  • Plants for shade
  • Plants for clay soils
  • Plants with berries or autumn colour
  • Wildlife Gardening
  • The Winter Garden
  • Scented plants
  • Plants that flower for months
  • Plants for walls
  • Plants with coloured leaves
  • Edibles: fruit, veg and herbs
  • Pest and Disease
  • Weeds
  • Composting


 GARDENING MADE SIMPLE, How to Grow and What to Plant published April 2021 by Glendoick Publishing, £12.95

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About the Glendoick Guide for Beginner Gardeners

A back-to-basics look at everything, from tackling weeds to raising tasty vegetables. Useful for anywhere in the UK, but aimed particularly at Scotland, northern half of England and inland or hill gardens, where the climate can be particularly fickle.

The book contains lots of clear and simple advice on choosing plants, preparing the soil and dealing with tricky growing conditions. Ken avoids scientific jargon and latin plant names where possible to try and make gardening less of a mystery.

There are step-by-step instructions on planting and on growing from seed and the book is packed with recommendations for flowers, shrubs and trees that are hardy and reliable.

From raising herbs to growing a tasty crop of tomatoes or filling borders with colour for months on end, the book contains all the advice that anyone new to gardening will need.

Can’t work out what’s in all those different bags of compost at the garden centre? ‘Gardening Made Simple’ spells it out, and lets you know which ones you need.

Want to plant a hanging basket, cover a fence in climbers or find something that will grow on the shady side of the shed? Again, the book provides clear answers and simple instructions.

Ken says: “Three million people have taken up gardening in the last year but when I looked at the books available to them I couldn’t find anything that was aimed at beginners, so I decided to write one myself.”

And there’s isn’t much about gardening that Ken doesn’t know. His family firm, Glendoick Nursery and Garden Centre in Perthshire has been supplying plants and gardening advice to gardeners since 1953. Glendoick is renowned around the world for its new varieties of  rhododendrons.

In ‘Gardening Made Simple’, Ken has taken a lifetime’s knowledge and experience and distilled it down to its very essence in order to give first-time gardeners the information they need to avoid beginners’ mistakes.

He says: “Gardening is hugely rewarding and I want to give anyone who has just discovered it the confidence to keep on growing without feeling overwhelmed.”

About Ken Cox

Ken Cox is Scotland’s best selling garden writer. His last 3 books won awards as UK and European Gardening books of the year. He is also a nurseryman, plant breeder and plant hunter. Glendoick Nursery, which he runs, is a renowned for its rhododendrons, many of which Ken has bred.

Ken’s 12 previous titles include:

Garden Plants for Scotland’,

'Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland’,

'Scotland for Gardeners' 

Woodland Gardening’

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Agnes Stevenson

07766 742142

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